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Good fun in 1997 at the
Public Halfpipe in Reinach/BL
and the COOP - Funpark Basel
Both in Switzerland!! 
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ow 18 Pics! Last updated: 12. 10. 2000 
Enjoy the atmosphere of
an evening at the skatepark in Reinach/BL ! 

This is our piece of pride, the 4m high vertical pipe! 

Jerome Rentsch does a good job hitting the air! 

What more can you ask for? Diving back after a superb air. 

The other dudes, standing by... 

... and practicing their parts (start of season)... 

That's much better (end of season)! 

Michi, the pilot without license. Lotta air! 

Frontflip -cheeese- for the camera! 

Other day, same guy: Michi! 

Michi again, on the cope. 

And Michis final stretch! 

Cheering with a broken arm is double the fun! 

Christoph Lutz, a class of its own! 

Christoph Lutz, the new swiss hope! 

Lutz close-up. 

Others fly across.. 

...turn over to land... 

...in freefall?!

His name is.. Fröhlich!

Keep on Sk-8-'n!!!

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